"Notes From the Underground" by Fyodor Doestoevsky “Here it is, here it is at last, the encounter with reality. . . . All is lost now!”
"Man is stupid, you know, phenomenally stupid; or rather he is not at all stupid, but he is so ungrateful that you could not find another like him in all creation."
"The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka “How about if I sleep a little bit longer and forget all this nonsense"
“What's happened to me,' he thought. It was no dream.”
"The Trial" by Franz Kafka “It would have been so pointless to kill himself that, even if he had wanted to, the pointlessness would have made him unable.”
“Judgement does not come suddenly; the proceedings gradually merge into the judgement.”
“It's only because of their stupidity that they're able to be so sure of themselves.”
"The Myth of the Sisyphus" by Albert Camus “Man is always prey to his truths. Once he has admitted them, he cannot free himself from them.”
“I know simply that the sky will last longer than I.”
“A man devoid of hope and conscious of being so has ceased to belong to the future.”
“Existence is illusory and it is eternal.”
“One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”
"In The Penal Colony" by Franz Kafka “You've seen yourself how difficult the writing is to decipher with your eyes, but our man deciphers it with his wounds.”
"The Stranger" by Albert Camus “I was assailed by memories of a life that wasn't mine anymore...”
“And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness.”
“I opened myself up to the gentle indifference of the world. Finding it so much like myself”
“He wasn't even sure he was alive because he was living like a dead man.”
"The Plague" by Albert Camus "We tell ourselves that pestilence is a mere bogy of the mind, a bad dream that will pass away. But it doesn't always pass away and, from one bad dream to another, it is men who pass away."
“Thus each of us had to be content to live only for the day, alone under the vast indifference of the sky.”
"The Sickness Unto Death" by Søren Kierkegaard “If then, if you have lived in despair, then whatever else you won or lost, for you everything is lost, eternity does not acknowledge you, it never knew you, or, still more dreadful, it knows you as you are known, it manacles you to your self in despair.”
"The Castle" by Franz Kafka “You misinterpret everything, even the silence.”
“A fine setting for a fit of despair,” it occurred to him, “if I were only standing here by accident instead of design.”
"The Death of Ivan Ilych" by Leo Tolstoy "Where is it? What death?" There was no fear because there was no death. In place of death there was light.”
“False. Everything by which you have lived and live now is all a deception, a lie, concealing both life and death from you.”